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The Armor Site's Links!


Israeli Weapons Web Site!
UFJF-Defesa Web Site (in Portuguese)

Anzac Steel Web Site
Army Recognition - Internet Military Magazine
Army Technology - Current Projects
General Dynamics Home Page
Land Warfare Systems - FAS - Military Analysis Network
Military Schools
Vasily Fofanov's Modern Russian Armour Page

Merril's Marauders Association Web Site!

WARGAME LINKS - Publishers of TacOps; Combat Mission; and many other wargames!
eSIM Games - The developers of Steel Beasts - the best tank simulation ever made!
HPS Simulations - The oldest and still one of the most prolific computer wargame companies.
Matrix Games - The developers of Steel Panthers World at War, and many other wargames!
Norm Koger's Home Page - Designer of Wargame Construction Set II: TANKS! - Where to download and buy WinSPMBT, and WinSPWW2!
The Steel Panthers Camo Workshop - Developers of WinSPMBT and SPWW2.

The Wargamer!


Tiger I Information Center!
Alan Hamby's excellent Tiger I web site - Lots of valuable data and high-quality photos!
Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary L. Doyle Website!
Thomas L. Jentz and Hilary L. Doyle Website!
Axis History Factbook web site.

The Eastern Front

American Fighting Vehicle Database (tank specifications database)
Dansk Panser (Danish Modern Armor web site)
Die Nahverteidigungswaffe
FELDGRAU.COM - German Armed Forces in WW II
JODY HARMON.COM - Excellent Armor Art!
Claus Bonnensen's Panser.DK Website
Scandinavian Armour
Tigers in the Ardennes - Greg Walden on the Tigers of s.SS.Pzabt.501 during the Ardennes Offensive.
Tanks in World War II - Excellent web site, with lots of prime source information!
Russian Battlefield

Von Reitsch's Panzer Page! - Dedicated to the PzKpfw VI Tiger II tank.
Dedicated to the PzKpfw VI Tiger II tank. web site!
Great site for modellers, with fantastic photos!
Russian Armour 1915 - 1997
Easy reference guide on all Russian tanks produced from 1915 to 1997.


The Bovington Tank Museum!
The Tank Museum - Bovington.

The Tank Museum - Bovington
Panzermuseum Munster
Musée des Blindés, Saumur, France

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