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Armored Conflict, Past and Present: Any Way You Want It!

Tanks Screen TANKS Screen 2

Everything There Is to Know About Wargame Construction Set II: TANKS!

Well, this is still my all-time favorite! Up to this writing, no other wargame has managed to take TANKS! place in my heart. In fact, as time goes by, this great game remains unmatched. It's small, fast and powerful - light on excessive "eye candy" and assorted junk (and complications - no DirectX tweaking, no boring video problems), but heavy on wargaming detail and "playability". Many of the features that some recent or even newly announced wargames are finding hard to implement today, such as armor-facing, or armor piercing effects of the different weapons adequately balanced (including the influence of various types of ammunition available to all weapons), were clearly and effectively implemented in TANKS! back in 1994-95...
If I had to pick only one game to remain in my HD, I'd surely choose TANKS!

Wargame Construction Set II: TANKS! is a tactical level wargame of armored conflict from WWI to the 1990's. Units are typically platoons and batteries and maneuver on a map of 250 meters per hex. Typically players control formations of battalion or brigade strength in various scenario settings. Along with the many scenarios included with the game, players can generate an unlimited number of engagements using the scenario generator.

This wargame was originally released in 1994 by the now extinct Strategic Simulations, Inc - SSI. The developer of this great tactical simulation is the always formidable Norm Koger, Jr.

Norm continued to add to this game during 1995, and the final version (1.301) is a masterpiece. One of the most attractive features of this game is that you can design your own scenarios with a really nice editor, reproducing great battles of the past and present very accurately, or even go wild and play very curious " if " confrontations, like 1950 Russians vs. 1990 Americans.

You can find tactical wargames with improved graphics (even tough I think TANKS! graphics are damn good!), or with a more "sophisticated" approach, but still there is none to my knowledge that delivers more plain old wargaming FUN than WCSII: TANKS!. This is probably TANKS! greatest feature; it can offer an enjoyable gaming experience to almost any level of wargamer, from the novice without much knowledge about the wargaming "abstractions", up to an expert in search of a detailed and flexible wargame editor, which is also fast and easy to use for creating playable scenarios of virtually any armored conflict.

A really wonderful feature is the inclusion of the Obreader utility. This is an executable (Obreader.exe, which is in your TANKS folder) file that works as a compiler and rewrites (according to the alterations you make in the Fistdata.asc file with any editor such as Windows Notepad or Wordpad) the weapons.dat and h_units.dat files in the DATA folder (or directory, as you wish).

The practical result is that you can actually customize weapons and vehicles at your will - and again, I don't know of any other tactical simulation wargame that offers this kind of freedom. Detailed instructions are provided in the Obreader.txt file, which is included with version 1.301, available for download here.

Another noteworthy aspect of TANKS! is that although it is a DOS application, TANKS! runs flawlessly with the Win95/98/Me/2K/XP Windows flavors. The only drawback of the game is its Free Conventional Memory requirement (somewhere close to 600 K) - the best solution to this is configuring your hardware with the last version 32 Bit Protected Mode drivers, so that you will have the maximum amount of Conventional Memory free for DOS applications - in fact, this will enable your system to handle better almost any DOS games. Another hint: try using EMPTY "Autoexec.bat" and "Config sys" under Win95/98 - If your hardware is configured using 32 Bit Protected Mode drivers you don't need them anyway... Another alternative is to use memory management (i.e. QEMM) software. However, this will only work under Win95 and the first Win98 release - it won't run under Win98 SE and subsequent releases, right up to Windows XP.
If you can afford to play without sound effects, "TANKS" will run on any machine running Win95/98/2K/2K Pro/XP/XP Pro, since the requirement for Free Conventional Memory without sound is much lower. All you have to do is run sinstall.exe (which is in your TANKS folder), and select to play the game without sound.

Finally, a word about setting up a shortcut to "TANKS" in Windows. The key is to set up a shortcut adequately. This means you should make a shortcut pointing to, say, C:\TANKS\TANKS.EXE. Then right-click on this shortcut and select "Properties", then "Memory". Set all types of memory to AUTO. Then select "Screen". On the item "Usage", select "Full Window". Then select "Program", and on the item "Run", select "Maximized". It should run OK now. At least, it does in my PC running Win XP Pro SP2....

I've run TANKS! routinely over the years, under Win 95, 98, Win 2K Pro, and then Win XP Pro SP2; but I had to to it without sound...

Finally it is possible to play "TANKS!" under Win2K, XP, Win7 (32 and 64 bit), and Win 8.0/8.1 (32 and 64 bit) - perfectly!

Play DOS Games With Sound Under Win2K and WinXP!

DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X...DOSBox is a DOS-emulator that uses the SDL-library which makes DOSBox very easy to port to different platforms. DOSBox also emulates CPU:286/386 realmode/protected mode, Directory FileSystem/XMS/EMS, Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/VESA graphics, a SoundBlaster/Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent sound compatibility with older games...

DOSBox is totally free of charge and OpenSource.

   DOSBox web site:

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You can also download the latest version of DOSBox HERE.

You can download HERE a small guide on how to setup BOSBox to play TANKS!


TANKS Full Version 1.301 - Last Release by Norm Koger:

 TANKS! Windows XP/7/8 (32 Bit) Installer (Full Version 1.301), (1,345 KB) Posted: June 19, 2014.

 TANKS! Windows XP/7/8 (64 Bit) Installer (Full Version 1.301), (1,355 KB) Posted: June 19, 2014.

 TANKS! Full Version 1.301, (1,396 KB - extra small RAR file). Posted: January 29, 2005.
 WinRAR, just in case...

 TANKS! Full Version 1.301, (2,000 KB - smaller portable ZIP file). Posted: January 29, 2005.


 TANKS! Manual  in Adobe Reader Format (PDF).

 Download US Army Field Manual 100-5 OPERATIONS, in Adobe Reader Format (PDF).

Get Adobe Reader!


WCSII: TANKS! - Novastar Modern Database - Full "stand alone" Version:

 NOVASTAR TANKS! MODERN DATABASE 1.301 : Full version "stand alone" with the scenarios included! Just unzip it to the Directory of your choice and start playing! By the now extinct Novastar Gaming Co. (ZIP file - 1,738 KB). REVISED: October 2, 2014.

 NOVASTAR TANKS! MODERN DATABASE 1.301 : Full version "stand alone" with the scenarios included! Just unrar it to the Directory of your choice and start playing! By the now extinct Novastar Gaming Co. (RAR file - 1,592 KB). REVISED: October 2, 2014.

 NOVASTAR TANKS! MODERN DATABASE 1.301 (x86 installer): Full version "stand alone" with the scenarios included! Just install it to the Directory of your choice and start playing! By the now extinct Novastar Gaming Co. (1,185 KB). REVISED: October 2, 2014.

 NOVASTAR TANKS! MODERN DATABASE 1.301 (x64 installer): Full version "stand alone" with the scenarios included! Just install it to the Directory of your choice and start playing! By the now extinct Novastar Gaming Co. (1,195 KB). REVISED: October 2, 2014.


TANKS! Scenarios by Wild Bill Wilder!


44July01 - LET'S DO SOMETHING!...July 3, 1944, The city of Saint Lo still stands as a German bastion in front of American forces. The 82nd Airborne Division, still in the line, assaults Hill 131 as a prelude to reaching St.Lo.

44July02 - CARPIQUET...July 4-5, 1944, On the eastern side of the beach head, the British attack the village and airfield at Carpiquet. This must be taken, before attacking Caen.

44July03 - AT LAST! CAEN TAKEN...July 8-9, 1944, Eisenhower makes it plain to Montgomery that Caen, a first day objective must be taken at once. Armor and infantry are faced with a strong enemy within the city.

44July04 - I SAW YOU FIRST!...July 8, 1944, The night crossing of the Vire river north of St.Lo leaves many US units uncertain as to their location. With the dawn, American tankers find Germans sleepily sitting in front of them. Button up!

44July05 - KING OF THE HILL...July 11, 1944, Lt.Col. King is given a scratch force of tanks and foot soldiers. He is ordered to take Hill 91, an important German observation post.

44July06 - EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED...July 16, 1944, The US 134th Regiment makes good progress in the assault of St.Lo. In fact, it is so good that they are suddenly cut off. Now they must fight their way out. The 29th Infantry Division moves in to open a hole.

44July07 - BAD LUCK...July 18, 1944, The German Battle Group Luck is out to stop the advance of the British 11th Armored Division as moves forward past Caen.

44July08 - PUNCHING A HOLE...July 26, 1944, After the massive carpet bombing in a small area east of St.Lo, the 2nd Armored Division seeks to break out. The shattered remnants of Panzer Lehr and the 2nd SS Panzer Divisions try to stop them.

44July09 - DON'T STOP FOR ANYTHING!...July 30, 1944, The dynamic General Patton is in France. 3rd Army is turned over to him, with 3 armored and 4 infantry divisions. He is told to break out into the open, and sweep across Brittany in southern France. The bridge at Pontabault must be taken to maintain the momentum of the thrust. German bombers and tanks are out in force.


44JUNE01 - THE FIRST LICK ... Anticipating a British attempt at a breakout from the Normandy bridgehead, Rommel decides to strike first at the bridgehead held by the 6th Airborne. The British counterattack and aim for the town of Breville.

44JUNE02 - THE TIGERS ROAR ... Instead of assaulting Caen frontally, Montgomery sends troops around it, through Villers-Bocage and on to Hill 213. The Germans aren't ready to give it up.

44JUNE03 - IN A BOX...The overextended British 7th Armored Division finds itself under attack from 3 sides by 2 Panzer Divisions. Can they hold?

44JUNE04 -AT THE GATE...In a bold move, the American invasion forces sweep to the west, cut off the Cherbourg peninsula, and assault Fort de Roule. Is there armor around?

44JUNE05 - MOPPING UP...The Germans have scattered in the marshes of Cap de Hague. Now Americans must find root them all out. Time is short.

44JUNE06 - NOT THAT EASY ... After taking Cherbourg, General Bradley turns his forces to the south toward St. Lo. 2 enemy divisions are hidden among the hedgerows. It' rough going!

44JUNE07 - EPSON I...The first step in the British "Epson" offensive is the taking of St. Honorine. It is done without any preliminary artillery barrages. The Germans are quick to respond, however, and want it back.

44JUNE08 - HILL 112...REPULSE - A massive assault by British armor and infantry sweeps around Caen and attempts to take Hill 112.

44JUNEV8 - HILL 112...VICTORY - After being driven off the hill, the weather clears and intensive artillery and air attacks make the going a little easier (Variant of 44June08)

44JUNE09 - EPSOM IV ... Rommel now masses every Panzer unit he can find in order to throw back the British. Well emplaced units await the attack. They surge forward, but the going is rough!

SCENARIO SYNOPSIS - WINTER 1944 (October, November, December)

44Wntr01 - OPENING THE DOOR...Oct.2, 1944, After a lull in the fighting in September, the GIs strike at the Siegfried Line with close assault weapons and tank support. The 30th is at the head of the line again!

44Wntr02 - CLOSING IN ... Oct. 8, 1944, Aachen, a large city in West Germany is being encircled by infantry and armor. Cut if off, and it will die. The German defenders are not going to let this happen.

44Wntr03 - SORRY, NO VACANCIES!...Oct. 14, 1944, In house to house fighting in Aachen, Americans charge the German HQ in Aachen.

44Wntr04 - TIMBERWOLVES UNDER FIRE...Oct.31, 1944, The 104th Division learns quickly how to fight in Belgium and northern Germany.

44Wntr05 - ISLAND WARRIORS...Nov.1, 1944, Eisenhower is adamant. Montgomery must give his full attention to taking the channel leading to Antwerp. Even though the port is in Allied hands, it cannot be used. This channel leading to it must be conquered before the port can be used. First on the list is the island of Walcheren.

44Wntr06 - HARD GOING...Nov.3, 1944, The German city of Schmidt is one of the keys to getting through to the Rhine. The battered 28th Division is order to take it. German troops are determined to get it back.

44Wntr07 - TAKE IT BACK...Nov.18, 1944, A renewed Allied offensive begins. In spite of initial air and artillery attacks, the town of Hamich and Hill 232 are being held tenaciously.

44Wntr08 - 100 Men...Nov.30, 1944, In attacking the town of Lindern, 3 advance platoons are cut off from the troops behind them. This is a unique scenario, scaled down to a company level game.

44Wntr09 - CUT 'EM OFF!...Dec.1, 1944, Faced with overwhelming forces, German tanks and infantry try to sneak across the Roer, deeper into Germany. The American commander sends armor to cut them off.

44Wntr10 - BOTH SIDES NOW...Dec.10, 1944, A series of villages around Hoven must be taken to get to the Roer River. German troops assault at the same time from the other side of the town.

44Wntr11 - AGAINST THE RULES...Dec.18-21, the series of holding actions around the city of Bastogne during the battle of the bulge are portrayed. Tanks are used against the rules, in a static, piecemeal type of defense. The goal is to slow down the Germans.

44Wntr12 - MAKE A HARD LEFT...Dec.26, 1944, Patton's Third Army, to the south of the Battle of the Bulge is ordered to halt in place, turn left, and break into the German salient around Bastogne. On December 26th, the 4th Armored Division approaches the outskirts of the city. Paratroopers of the 101st can hear the booming of tank guns to the south. They are barely holding on and peer into the distance. There are the Shermans!

1945, THE BITTER END (January - May, 1945)

45Jan01 - A NORTH WIND...Jan.1, 1945, Hitler, still with the illusion of reversing the war in the West, launches a second attack in the south against the 7th Army. Himmler's special forces head for the Saverne Gap and Strasbourg.

45Jan02 - DEFLATING THE BULGE...Jan.5, 1945, In an attempt to squeeze shut the German salient in US lines at the Ardennes, American tanks take a key hill overlooking the highway from Bastogne. Recognizing the danger, German tanks move to take it back.

45Jan03 - THE SQUEEZE IS ON...Jan.15, 1945, With the American First Army heading southeast, and Patton's Third heading northeast, they seek to link up near Houffalize. The 6th Armored Division assaults the town of Noville, just south of the ultimate goal.

45Feb01 - WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?...Feb.6, 1945, As American units are relieved by others in the front lines, German infantry and tanks strike through the darkness and create chaos.

45Feb02 - GOING TO THE SOURCE...Feb.9, 1945, The Roer river dams must be taken, so as not to slow down the advance of the American Ninth Army.

45Feb03 - RESCUE THE RANGERS...Feb.24, 1945, After successfully crossing the Saar river, a special Ranger detachment is sent forward to cut off a key road junction. Now American tanks and infantry seek to reinforce them.

45Feb04 - THE NEW GENERAL...Feb.27,1945, The old General Sherman has served well throughout the world, but it is time for a new face. Enter the General Pershing, a new 26 ton wide tracked, heavily armored medium tank. Now it must face the dreaded German Tiger. Has scratch met its match?

45Mar01 - A NEW TRICK...March 2, 1945, In a race to get to the Rhine river and capture a bridge, units of the 83rd Infantry Division disguise themselves as Germans and head for the highway crossing at Oberkassel. Can they pull it off?

45Mar02 - THE BIG SHOW...March 24, 1945, Now it is Monty's turn at crossing the Rhine. The first units across are suddenly cut off and need urgent help. The Germans are determined that this will not happen.

45Apr01 - A DEADLY CIRCLE...April 1, 1945, The goal of the First Army is the encirclement of the Ruhr. Fanatical SS troops put up fierce resistance.

45Apr02 - GEORGE IS IN TROUBLE AGAIN!...April 6, 1945, ever the hero, General Patton finds where his son-in-law is being held prisoner by the Germans. He dispatches a task force to rescue him. It is not going to be easy. Getting them out might be harder!

45Apr03 - DEATH IN THE RUINS...April 11, 1945, American tanks and infantry take on the hidden antitank guns in the rubble of the Herman Goering Steel factory.

45May01 - MISSION FULFILLED...May 7th, 1945, War ends in Europe on this date. Three days before, a sort of "last stand" is fought by units of the 47th Volksgrenadier at Fern Pass, near the Berchtesgaden.


BARB411 - A TORRENT OF TANKS...June 23, 1941, As German forces attack across the Russian border, the Soviet army is filled with confusion. Red army and tank columns charge into the battle with no cohesive plan and under the onslaught of the Luftwaffe.

BARB412 - A SOVIET SURPRISE...July 3, 1941, For the first 10 days the German Blitzkrieg seems unstoppable. A crack Soviet unit, the 1st Motorized Division, charges into German lines with a new and lethal weapon, the T-34 tank.

BARB413 - FIGHTING FOR MOTHER RUSSIA... August 3, 1941, Well trained German engineers attempt to take the city of Balta. fanatical Russian troops are determined to stop them. It is a case of the elite versus the desperate.

BARB414 - AT THE DOOR ... September 12, 1941, To the southwest of Leningrad, the Duderhof hills are strongly defended. German assault troops and tanks move in to clear them out and rule the heights overlooking the great city.

BARB415 - JUST A LITTLE FURTHER ... October 6, 1941, In four months the German forces have moved from Russia's border to the gates of Moscow. With the center of communications, transportation, and military command threatened, Stalin orders any available reserves into the battle to stop them.

BARB416 - IT CAN'T BE DONE ... November 11, 1941, As icy northeast winds blow down on the freezing German troops, one last effort to get to Moscow is attempted. German forces attempt to take and hold the city of Burzevo, a key road link to the Russian capital.


BARB421 - EVERYBODYS WELCOME ... February 18, 1942, Partisan, or guerilla attacks were becoming commonplace against the German rear area and support troops. The Soviets were masters at infiltration. Partisan and marauding cavalry receive paradrop reinforcements as they attack the HQ of the 1st Panzer Regiment.

BARB422 - SWAMP FOXES...May 6, 1942, In a desperate attempt to break out of the German siege of Leningrad and form a lifeline for resupply, Soviet Ski units move through the swamps to a key road. They are discovered and attacked by German troops.

BARB423 - GOIN' SOUTH...May 18, 1942, Soviet forces attempt to take advantage of a salient near Kharkov. Unknown to them, the Germans are preparing to cut off that same salient. Suddenly a even larger number of Russian troops are about to be cut off.

BARB424 - MANSTEIN'S MAGIC ... April 14, 1942, Part of the Stalin offensive is the breaking of the siege of Sevastopol in southern Russia. General Erich von Manstein and his forces are ready for them.

BARB425 - UNEASY PARTNERS ... August 23, 1942, The allies of Germany were for the most part second rate soldiers with little motivation. That, however, was not always the case. In a glorious moment, Italian cavalry and armor take on the Soviet forces to rescue their own.

BARB426 - A GHOST STORY ... December 6, 1942, After two months of attempting to take Stalingrad, the elite German Sixth Army is cut off and surrounded. As German panzers seek to break this entrapment, they too come under attack.

BARB427 - THE CITY OF DEATH ... August-October, 1942, A capsulated mammoth scenario of the German assault on Stalingrad. The entire city is portrayed on the map, and hundreds of units are involved. While a long scenario, it can be played in increments, and gives a real feel for the intense block by block, house by house fighting that went on there.

BARB427A is a variant of the above mentioned scenario with Russian reinforcements and 3 less turns. This one is a little harder for the German player to win.

Barb427B is an abbreviated version of the attack on Stalingrad, with only the northern area of the city, where the major buildings were located. It can be played in half the time of the larger one.


BARB431 - DEATH IN THE DARK ... January 1, 1943, Manstein's brilliance traps a Soviet Tank army new to battle. As they attempt to break the stranglehold around them, the Soviets mistakenly attack non functioning German tanks. As they do so, the armed and ready Germans attack them.

BARB432 - A SURPRISE FOR THE SOVIETS ... January 11, 1943, Just as the Germans received a nasty surprise in 1941 with the appearance of the Russian T-34, now the Soviet tanks are in for a rude awakening with the introduction of the German Mark VI Tiger tank on the field!

BARB432A is a variant of the above scenario with only tanks.

BARB433 - THE DEATH HEAD ... February 23, 1943, The appearance of the Gross Deutschland Division, equipped with the new Tiger tank provides a German offensive with deadly firepower and elite infantry formations to further disconcert the Russians.

BARB434 - FAILURE IN THE NORTH...July 8, 1943, As the Kursk offensive gets under way, German forces attacking from the north encounter much more resistance than earlier anticipated. General Model's tanks come almost within the boundaries of their first major objective, when Soviet tanks launch a large counterattack.

BARB434A is a variant of the above scenario.

BARB435 - HARD GOING...July 9, 1943, The Germans have yet another surprise for the Russians. It is the introduction of the Mark V Panther Tank. Rushed into production, however, was a fatal error on Hitler's part. The Panther will become one of the finest of World War Two, but at this point, mechanical failures make it vulnerable to the enemy.

BARB435 is a variant of the above scenario.

BARB436 - GREEN DEVILS...December 15, 1943, With the failure of the German offensive at Kursk, the Germans are in danger of losing all that they have gained during two years of bloody fighting. As Russian Ukranian Fronts attack along the Dnieper River, the 2nd Parachute Division is airlifted to the area, and launches a counterattack in coordination with an Assault Gun Company.


BARB441 - NOT A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR ... January 11, 1944, The area around Kirovograd was fast being filled with Soviet invaders. General Bayerlein of the 3rd Panzer Division orders a breakout.

BARB442 - ANOTHER RESCUE ... February 13, 1944, Thwarting another large encirclement of German troops, General Manstein orders the 17th Panzer Division to open a corridor of escape.

BARB443 - BATTLE OF THE GIANTS ... August 6, 1944, In the last six months of 1944, most of the Balkan states that had allied themselves with Germany were overrun by Soviet forces. After establishing a bridgehead on the Vistula River, the 8th Guards Army runs into the Hermann Goering Panzer Division.

BARB443A is a variant of the above scenario. It is a "tank only" battle, with King Tiger against the JS-1. There are fewer turns than in the original.

BARB444 - FLESH VERSUS STEEL ... October 30, 1944, In order to give the Gross Deutschland division time to escape, German troops, well armed with antitank weapons, form a strong rear guard to hold up the Russians at Vilna.

BARB451 - FESTUNG KONISBERG ... January 20, 1945, The beginning of the last Russian drive into Germany was begun on January 12th, 1945. Tigers of the Panzer Abeitlung 502, after hearing of the atrocities being committed against German civilians, make a mad charge into the Soviet ranks.

BARB452 - NO QUARTER!...April 19, 1945, as the end of the war in the east neared, the fighting became more savage than ever before. The Russian soldiers had been incensed with the horrors perpetrated against them for three and a half years in their homeland. The Germans, knowing surrender meant death,preferred to go out, not whimpering, but roaring. It meant no quarter given; none expected. Near Muncheburg, the fight between both sides was to the death.


CLASIC07 - ARMORED CARS AT ARNHEM ... September 21, 1944, The tanks of XXX Corps have been stopped 11 miles from Arnhem. Communication is essential with the 1st Airborne Division. One of the uses of the armored car is demonstrated as they follow back roads to Driel to link up with the Polish and British paratroopers.

CLASIC08 - CHEW THIS BOOT ... September 4-5, 1944, The negative effect of bad terrain is clearly seen as British tanks seek to break the solid German Gothic Wall in Italy.

CLASIC09 - HOLDING ON!...December 18, 1944, American tanks are used contrary to most tank doctrine in a defensive role to slow the massive German assault towards Bastogne. The various teams and task forces are represented here.

CLASIC10 - WORKING TOGETHER ... April 24, 1951, Armor in an infantry support role is the theme of this scenario. Various countries are involved in a fierce battle against the assaulting Chinese. US tankers, supporting Australian soldiers attempt to come to the aid of Canadian infantry. New Zealand artillery batteries give needed support.

CLASIC11 - AGAINST ALL ODDS...June 5-8, 1967, Endangered with annihilation, Jewish armored divisions sweep across the Sinai peninsula. Attacking a larger force, superior tank doctrine gives the Israeli forces the advantage.

CLASIC12 - A NEW CAVALRY...July 9, 1966, A new fighting vehicle is put to the test. Before, transport only carried infantry to the battle. With the M-113 armored personnel carrier, they can take their transport into battle. An ambush is cleverly devised to trap the Viet Cong as they seek to ambush an American convoy.

CLASIC 13 - COMING DOWN THE WIRE... April 23, 1973, The initiation of the wire guided missile is portrayed as the South Vietnamese attempt to stop an NVA armored drive. The missile, a new innovation, is used by both sides.

CLASIC14 - IRON FIST ... February 26, 1991, British Challenger tanks of the 4th Armored Brigade are a part of Allied VII Corps. A large force of Iraqi tanks await them. Most have run. These will not. Shown clearly here is the great advantage of a superior tank in battle, even when heavily outnumbered by enemy armor.

CLASIC15 - MADMAN OF MEXICO ... January 1, 2000, As the new Millennium begins, Texas is invaded by a Mexican-Cuban tank force. America has been weakened, while the discovery of oil has helped Mexico to become a world power in less than two years. Now its leader, called the "Madman of Mexico", sends powerful armor across the Rio Grande. His goal, the repossession of Texas as a part of Mexico. The scenario, although fictitious, demonstrates the latest armor models in conflict with one another.

More Scenarios!

 Desert_TANKS_scenarios.rar A WW2 Desert Scenario Pack. Includes the following scenarios : A series of scenarios on the Alam Haifa battle - 1942, Operation Battle Axe - 1941, Sidi Bou Zid - 1943, The "Cauldron" - 1942, Kasserine Pass - 1943, Mersa Matruh - 1942, The Crusader Battles -1941, Sidi Rezegh - 1941, and Tobrk - 1942. Posted: March 23, 2014. A Desert Storm Scenario Pack. Includes the following scenarios : Amphib1, Buck 97, Blackjack, Madina, Rats, Tallil, and Tallil 2. Posted: January 20, 2005. The Buck 97 scenario was the only scenario specifically designed by Novastar to cover the 199? period of TANKS, and NOT included in the last SSI release. This pack includes the original scenario, plus one variation with a big map. Posted: January 18, 2004. Updated: January 20, 2005. This is the conversion for the Novastar Modern Database. Posted: January 18, 2004. This one is the conversion of the original Tallil scenario for the Novastar Modern Database. Posted: January 18, 2004. Desert Storm - Tallil, 1991 (Novastar). Herrmann Goering Pz.Div. Attack at Gela (Novastar). Imported from the Modern Database scenarios (Novastar). Revised: 01.08.2005. Two scenarios by Trey Marshall on the Kursk offensive. Imported from the Modern Database scenarios (Novastar).

Very useful scenario design tips by Trey Marshall.


This page would not be here without the support of Wild Bill Wilder, Mike Holley, Pedro Valera, Bob Rogers, and so many other fellows around the world, to whom I can't thank enough...

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